Richard Kroening
Make the Best Possible First Impression!

Staging is marketing, pure and simple.    And effective marketing gets to the heart of how buyers
make the decision to purchase.

Prospective buyers look for cetain things in a property, but what they actually "see"
may be very different than one might imagine.   Drawn from a background in both real estate
and retail merchandising, the work that I do is all about creating visual impact,
helping buyers focus on what they might otherwise overlook.   It allows them to see the product
in a way they might not have seen it before -- exactly what good marketing does!

Designed to enhance - never overwhelm - my staging will not
"up-stage" your home! The goal is for buyers to remember the home -
not the Buddha in the bathroom or the sheepskin on the chaise!
The results are more natural, more realistic. When people walk into
the homes I've staged, I want there to be some question,
"Is this actually staged ... or could it be real?"

Services include professional consultation for the do-it-yourselfer,
reorganization & redesign for the occupied home,
and complete furnishing packages for the vacant property.

Less expensive than a price reduction, consider home staging
part of the improvements and repairs you would otherwise complete
to prepare your home for sale and earn top dollar in today's market.

I look forward to helping you realize the
successful sale of your home.

Esitmates are free.
Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Direct: 619-990-3839
Fax: 858-750-2956
Richard Kroening