Richard Kroening
Your Home Transformed!

Staging makes your home more attractive ... absolutely! Potential buyers spend more time
looking at the property, connecting with it, envisioning themselves lving there.

But more than just enhancement, home staging an address specific property issues
that may detract from the value of your home in the eyes of a potential buyer.

Part camouflage, part diversion, sometimes complete transformation - what were once
a home's liabilities are now some of its best assets!

New Construction:
With its wide open spaces, high ceilings, and oversized doors and windows,
large rooms can feel cramped while small rooms feel cavernous.
Staging provides a sense of perspective, a frame of reference
to bring the home's more dramatic elements into scale.

Older Homes:
Buyers are attracted by their charm, but may be reluctant
to take on what may just seem like a major "project".
Staging showcases the classic features of the home, allowing buyers to
appreciate its condition and the value of their potential investment.

Vacant Properties:
Often cold, sterile and uninviting, vacant home can be a "tough sell".
Most buyers simply lack the capacity to envision what the home
could look like. Instead of leaving it to the buyer's imagination,
staging paints the picture.

Floor Plans & Flow:
Buyers often have an exact idea of their ideal home,
and may not readily embrace properties that don't seem to fit.
Staging can help to define spaces, give rooms purpose,
demonstrate furniture arrangements and resolve other potential drawbacks,
enabling buyers to see a space that is comfortable and livable,
instead of what might otherwise have seemed awkward or confusing.

Unwanted Features:
Buyers are unwilling to pay "extra" for features of a home
not on their "Wish List". But when staged, that particular attribute -
perhaps an extra room, an oversized hallway, or maybe a wall of bookcases -
is not only transformed into an attractive feature,
but now becomes something the buyer suddenly can't live without!

Dated & Drab:
In today's market your home need to stand out amount the competition.
Staging can inject color and light, refresh, revitalize and reinvigorate.
Buyers remember it, react to it, visualize it -
and are subsequently more likely to write an offer!

Make it Worth It:
A million dollar home just needs to look like a million bucks!
And the same is true for a half million or quarter million dollar home.
A buyer needs to know that the value is there.
Staging helps reinforce perceived value, and does so on a personal level
that no market analysis or logical caculation can.

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